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Framed Prints from Original Oil Paintings by Artist Gina De Gorna

Framed Prints from Original Oil Paintings by Artist Gina De Gorna. Framed Prints Come in a Variety of Sizes and Designs:


Displaying: 1 - 36 of 647 framed prints from original paintings by Gina De Gorna for sale (0.111 s)




Framed prints may be ordered in a variety of sizes, mats and frames as shown here:


SA3 - SA3 - Black Satin



GG1 - GG1 - Concerto - Black with Gold



111MBLK - 111MBLK - Economy Rainbow Metal - Matte Black - 11



EXL2 - EXL2 - Executive - Black with Gold - Large Profile



EXL3 - EXL3 - Executive - Black with Silver - Large Profi



SM2 - SM2 - Framers Choice - Black with Gold



GL8 - GL8 - Gilded Sunset - Gold / Black



GO2 - GO2 - Goliath - Black - Deep Profile



HP4 - HP4 - High Point - Black - Small Profile



MQ13 - MQ13 - Marquis - Black Ornate



444BKS - 444BKS - Nuances - Black Satin - 444 Profile



SLW5 - SLW5 - Slimwoods - Black / Gold



SLW6 - SLW6 - Slimwoods - Black / Silver



CXAR8 - AR8 - Studio - Black - Large Profile



CRQ13 - CRQ13 - Black Wood



Choices of frames and mats for your prints on paper may be chosen by selecting the proper size, frame and mat before ordering a particular print. Variety of papers are available as described below. Prints on canvas are also available.

Arctic White w/Black Core Mat  Very White Mat Arctic White Mat Manor White Mat Palm Beach White Mat Snow White Mat White Mat Antique White Mat Porcelain Mat Pompano Beach White Ivory Mat Cream Mat Mist Mat Pearl Mat French Gray Mat Olde Gray Mat Olde Tan Mat Sandstone Mat Sand Mat Pewter Mat Saddle Tan Mat Oak Brown Mat Yellow Mat Dark Olive Mat Black Watch (Green) Mat Williamsburg Green Mat Ivy Mat Grass Green Mat Avocado Mat Moss Green Mat Moss Point Green Mat Congo Green Mat Sauterne Mat Soft Green Mat Newport Blue Mat Lapis Blue Mat Volcano Blue Mat Baltic Blue Mat Indigo Mat Williamsburg Blue Mat Marine Blue Mat Storm Blue Mat Biscay Blue Mat Bar Harbor Gray Mat French Blue Mat Sable Mat Fudge Mat Tampico Brown Mat Pyro Brown Mat Chamois Gold Mat Topaz Mat Burnt Orange Mat Saffron Mat Rust Mat Redwood Mat Mandarin Mat Silver Florentine Mat Dawn Gray Mat Photo Gray Mat Dark Gray Mat Smooth Black Mat Raven Black Mat Madagascar Pink Mat Williamsburg Red Mat Auburn Mat Red Mat Crimson Mat Chinese Red Mat Concord Mat Las Cruces Purple Mat Wine Mat Maroon Mat Off White Rag Mat Brite White Rag Mat: White Rag Mat Very White Rag Mat Raven Black Rag Mat 

Prints on Archival Matte Paper: These prints are long-lasting and versatile prints. This heavyweight matte finish paper is engineered for high contrast and crisp reproduction of high resolution images. Premium Archival Matte paper is a neutral white paper ideal for black-and-white photography prints and a variety of fine art reproductions. The paper is acid-free for archival longevity of the prints.

Glossy Photo Paper Prints: These prints have luxuriant depth and vivid color, suitable for reproduction of photographs with ultra-gloss finish. The neutral tone of the glossy photo paper, high D-Max, and ink saturation make photo paper prints outstanding and are great  choice for giclee reproductions.

Luster Photo Paper Prints: This paper prints are preferred by portrait photographers for its cheerful sheen. The luster finish of the paper also has a delicate sparkle that makes images of water scintillate. The neutral tone of this paper, high D-Max, and high ink saturation make luster photo papers an outstanding choice for giclee reproductions.

Semi-Matte Photo Paper: Artists and photographers alike love this paper for their prints for its understated semi-matte finish. This paper is optimized for maximum presentation quality prints with minimum glare. The neutral tone, high D-Max, and high ink saturation make photo papers an outstanding choice for giclee reproductions.

Picture Rag Prints: Picture rag paper is popular among photographers for its exceptional black-and-white imagery. Cool Tone Picture Rag also holds incredibly vivid and true colors of the prints. Cool Tone Picture Rag prints are on an acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag.

Somerset Velvet Paper Prints: This radiant white paper offers vivid color reproductions and deep, rich blacks for amazing contrast.  With a texture that gently softens the overall effect, the paper adds an extra hint of warmth to reproductions of oils and pastels and a softer edge to fine art photography. Somerset Velvet is a 100% cotton rag paper, making it perfect for conservation quality prints and art projects.

Watercolor Paper Prints: The textured finish and satisfying weight of this fine art watercolor paper provides an authentic look and feel for reproductions of watercolor art. Also this paper is used to add an interesting natural texture to photography prints and digital media.  Collectors who like to handle the print out of frame will appreciate this paper's rigidity and surface feel.   Watercolor Paper is a neutral-toned, acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag.

Metallic Paper Prints: Metallic paper prints are a budget-friendly way to create modern wall art. Metallic paper provides an exceptionally vibrant print with the shine and shimmer of metal.   This highly durable paper is mostly white with a signature metallic finish, making it ideal for a wide range of images including white and flesh tones.
sunset framed prints, sunset framed art, and sunset prints for sale

Custom Size Framed Prints and Paintings:


Gina De Gorna paintings and reproductions come in a variety of sizes and materials like Giclee prints, paper prints, canvas prints, metal prints and acrylic prints.

If you need a special or a particular size of print or custom painting, please send an email to:


Each image of the original oil and acrylic painting or photograph by artist Gina De Gorna and all the content on the Gina De Gorna website is legally protected by U.S. & International copyright laws and may NOT be copied and used for reproduction in ANY manner without the explicit written authorization of Gina De Gorna. All original oil and acrylic paintings and photographs and written content on this Web Site are copyrighted ¬©Gina De Gorna and are for Web browser viewing only. Other usages of Gina De Gorna's art, articles, images of paintings and photographs and content (including comp usage) must be negotiated, and may not be used for any purpose without express written consent from the artist. 
Unauthorized duplication or usage is prohibited by the Copyright law and will be prosecuted. We vigorously protect our copyright interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered, you will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard TRIPLE FEE for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in U S Federal Court where you will be subject to a fine of US $100,000.00 statutory damages as well as our court costs and attorneys' fees.