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Comments and Testimonials about Gina De Gorna Paintings, Prints, Murals and Home Decor Original Art


Here are some of the comments and testimonials about Gina De Gorna paintings, murals and prints:

The beauty of a woman and the beauty of the sea equals heaven on earth....all of your work is so beautiful...T.H.

I'm so happy to finally have one of your paintings. It's an honor. I can't wait to  see what you'll paint next. Thank you! M.D.


Excellent work Gina. Beautiful painting! It brightens my whole house. Thank you! M.L.


This painting is so beautiful and dreamy Gina. As a weather nerd, I really like your clouds ... they look perfect. I voted! S.S.


I recently came across your artwork, my compliments. The black-and-white pieces are particularly striking, well done. Q.T.


I love all of my three paintings! Great job! Thank you very much. N.M


Gina, you really know how to use color in your paintings. Fantastic artworks! B.T.


Lovely painting! Very, very  nice! At first I thought it was a photograph until I looked more closely. Beautiful work! D.B.


Beautiful color and flow in this painting. Nice art work! C.K.


I love your paintings! Thank you for your permission to use an image of one of your sunset paintings as inspiration in my documentation. P.L.


WOW! I mean WOW! LOVE IT! Great big resolution for extra large prints and the color is perfect. W.H.


Your painting made a really nice addition to my collection. You definitely build yourself a legacy Gina. Great  paintings! You're incredible talent and I wish you the best! G.P.


Wonderful panoramic work. The orange sunset is amazing!  M.H.


Gina this is an outstanding Sunset painting! J.W.


Great work. Nice blend of colors in this painting! M.B.


Gina you're such a prolific artist...Your art is powerful! N.G.


Wow! Excellent work...Amazing paintings! E.M.


Gina your paintings made my poetry book look fantastic. I'm so thankful and happy!! The  book signing was a success! S.N.


Your sunset painting is so beautiful. Serenity, for sure! Lovely painting! Congratulations!! D.L.


Beautiful paintings! Love the color pallet! Thank you. S.T.


Aloha Gina, oh honey, you are brilliant. Your paintings are so beautiful and I love your brushwork! S.K.


Gina, I just wanted to let you know that your painting made a great birthday present. My friend put it in the dining room and totally enjoyed it. Thank you! S.S.


My red painting has so much energy! Love it! It's just stunning!. L.N.


Your paintings are incredibly beautiful and we thank you so much for letting our students use your images for practice. G.W.


Fantastic and original work, great quality delivered on time! I’ll wholeheartedly recommend your paintings to my friends . B.D.


The painting came and we hanged it right away. It looks great in our  living room! Thank you so much! C.J.


Gina, your painting was the best Christmas surprise for my wife. She loved it! Thank you! P.S.


I love your paintings. They make me feel happy. When I look at them I feel as if I'm in there on the beach... E.H.


Thank you for the wonderful painting Gina. I invited all my friends and family to see it and everybody loves it! It made my house so beautiful...K.S.


Outstanding job Gina! Fantastic painting! Thank you. N.C.


Thanks for the tutorial (Painting Sunset)! My students definitely enjoyed it. :) S.M.


Dear Gina, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed visiting your website.  I love your freedom and use of color in your pieces.  I liked them so much I wanted to be able to zoom in on them so I could somehow experience them more!  Being an artist, I know you know what I mean.

In addition, I can't believe the wealth of information you provide on your website.  I love it!!!  You're like a little library.  I've favorited your site!  Your giving and caring spirit really shines through in what you write on your website so it didn't surprise me to read that you are living in Hawaii.  Hawaii has such strong positive vibrations.

I am an artist as well, though nowhere near as prolific!  God bless you.  Hilo is my home though I am living in Florida.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your work and your website.  You've definitely inspired me to continue to find time to do my art. Mahalo, L.M.


I truly admire your paintings! Your paintings really inspired me and provoked me to step into OILS. U.M.


Dear Gina, I absolutely love your  oil painting Sunset in Paradise.   I have been looking at your art on line and there are so many of your paintings that I love. I particularly like the colors in the “Sunset in Paradise” painting.   I have been to Kailua Kona 3 times in the past year and don’t think I will make it again for awhile so I'm really happy to have one of your paintings. J.F.


Priceless Gina!  Thank you! D.R.


Congrats on a very worthy sale of this beautiful oil painting of underwater splendor, Gina! Love the colors and the brushstrokes really do add a real wavelike movement to the underwater plants. Very nicely done! R.R.


Gina, I'm so happy to have your painting. This painting is so beautiful and is very special to me because it is my first original painting that I own. I love it!  I.B.


We just received your painting! Thank you so much! It looks fantastic and we are very happy we commissioned it with you. Gina you're a great talent! M.C.


I love your mural. I enjoy looking at it every time! E.H.


Oh my gosh...I think I found all of your web sites - I have been having fun looking at your paintings! You are amazing Gina! J.F.

We came across your artwork online and absolutely love what you are doing - your art work is elevated, unique, and creative. Beautiful Paintings! E.M.


Beautiful painting Gina. Love the colors ! D.P.


Wonderful skies in the sunset paintings. Movement is great. J.K.


Awesome sunset painting, Gina! A.Z.


Aloha Gina, We are very impressed with your art work displayed online, such as 'Red Panoramic Sunset' painting.  Happy to grace our main walls in our office with your remarkable art work. K.M.



Both of your paintings are absolutely beautiful.  I'm investing my money in your paintings. I have no doubt that you'll be very famous one day! C.K.



I found your  sunset artwork online and thought it was amazing. I decided to have you as my professional artist for a presentation. I especially like the red sunset paintings. E.D.



Beautiful piece of art. Love this painting! Magnificent sunset! Thank you. F.F.



Wonderful modern art! I love the colors!  The tree painting fits perfectly in my hallway. Thank you. H.A.



I am absolutely delighted to have this bright happy painting in my home…N.Z.



I came across your work on the's very beautiful...Anyway, I'm going to purchase your Tropical Sunset book for my neighbor and one for my sister, who is also an artist (but not full time). Thank you for the nice book and keep up the wonderful work! J.J.


I am pleased to have visited your website, your products are really impressive and beautiful. K.L.


У вас очень красивые картины! Я мечтаю так рисовать. ( From Russian: Your paintings are so beautifu! I dream to be able to paint like that.) D.D.


Your paintings are full with color and energy. These are all happy paintings! Beautiful art! K.T.


Thank you for the beautiful panoramic sunset. It looks great in my office! S.P.


I wanted to say thank you for having such a useful resource available.  One of our library's younger members is very interested learning more about art, specifically painting and how to paint, so I've been going through resources with them on the topic.  Though we have a few books in stock they're not enough to feed her growing interest.  While looking online we came across your Art Gallery web site, which has many different and wonderful art resources on it and we found it to be extremely useful. Warm Regards. L.P.


I can't thank you enough for all your help and contributing to my project! You truly do inspire me to go to new levels with my art. Thanks again!J.L.


Beautiful painting! It made a wonderful accent piece on my fireplace. Thank you! S.O.


Great work. I like your sunset paintings. M.L.


This painting is simply gorgeous with such lovely colors. Perfect composition. A.W.

If you wish to add some comment regarding Gina De Gorna paintings, please send an email to: