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Beautiful Paintings of Flowers, by Gina De Gorna; Original Artworks with Sunflowers, Poppy Flowers, Daysy Flowers and Roses in Realistic and Abstract Style, Framed Pictures and Prints with Flowers; High Quality Floral Artworks and Prints on Canvas, Metal and Acrylic Flower Prints for Office and Home Decor.

Browse Unique Flower Paintings and Beautiful Floral Canvas Prints with Flowers


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Flowers, Original Floral Oil Paintings, by Gina De Gorna Flower Paintings on Canvas, Prints and Home Decor Items.


More about History of Floral Art and prints with flowers and decorating with floral artworks and flower pictures:

All artists around the world have been interested in depicting floral imagery for centuries. Images of floral plants and flowers were seen as allegorical symbols in many cultures, and realistic renderings of flowers were also helpful for doctors to learn and recognize floral plants’ medicinal values. During the 15th and 16th centuries, the Western world became more concerned with depicting the natural environment as realistically as possible. This sparked various groups concerning the depiction of wildlife, including America’s Hudson River School, the Society of Painters in Water Colors, and the New Society of Painters in Water-Colors. Artists made studies of flowers and plants in various mediums, ranging from oil to watercolor to charcoal. As artistic processes have transformed, the flower in paintings,drawings and prints still remains a common subject of art wall decor. Modernist painter Georgia O’Keeffe is famous for her abstract floral paintings, while Vincent Van Gogh is known for his vibrant floral images like “Sunflowers” (1888) and “Irises” (1889). Japanese artist Hokusai made various works depicting lilies, plum and cherry blossoms, and orchids. Andy Warhol is known for his retro floral prints in his “Flowers” series (1964). Other well-known artists who have made floral works include Henri Matisse, Hans Memling, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro, and Childe Hassam.

Decorating With Floral Paintings or Prints on Canvas, Prints on Acrylic, Prints on Metal or Paper Prints and Floral Posters:

Beautiful flower paintings and floral prints make great interior wall decor for both private homes or public and office spaces. Though some people may automatically assume all floral artwork to be highly traditional, there is actually a wider range of variety within this category. If you favor modern floral art and decor, you’ll find contemporary floral paintings and prints which break from photo-realistic representations of the floral natural world. Floral paintings and prints often feature vivid palettes and bright colors, perfect for home and office decor requiring a splash of cheerful color. If there are rounded lines within your room, such as archways or rounded furniture corners, the soft, curvy lines found in many floral paintings may coordinate nicely. If you favor muted artwork but love the silhouette and shape of flowers, black and white floral may be the perfect choice for your office room.

Gifting With Floral Original Paintings and Prints:

Floral original artwork or prints make perfect gifts for gardeners as well as for those who favor romantic, shabby chic, or country decor. Retro and vintage-inspired flower paintings and floral prints are also terrific choices for those enthusiastic about nostalgic home decor. You may also consider a lovely floral painting or print as a longer-lasting gift alternative to fresh-cut flowers for your loved one on their birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day!

High Quality Acrylic Flower Prints