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Beautiful Horse Paintings by Artist Gina De Gorna, Original Equine Artworks, Oil Paintings with Horses, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints and Posters with Horses.

original oil painting of horse by gina de gorna

 Gold & Silver, Original Oil Painting, by Gina De Gorna, 24x20", Original painting and prints available

Tips on Displaying Wall Art and Paintings


Helpful Tips on Displaying Artworks: Framed Wall Art, Original Paintings and Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal or Acrylic in Private Home Rooms or Public Office Spaces.

Displaying either contemporary or traditional art pieces and pictures in your home or office will make a statement and a focal point in any room.Liven up empty walls or a boring office space when you set up a unique art gallery for guests and clients to enjoy. Whether you want to create a modern art gallery with contemporary paintings or a digital art gallery that showcases computer-drawn images, you're sure to make a statement in your office and make it more inviting. Read on for tips on displaying an art gallery display in your office. Whether you want to create a contemporary art gallery with your favorite paintings or just hang a few  old traditional framed paintings or contemporary art prints throughout your home or office rooms, the following suggestions will help you present the art pieces you love in a way that complements your personal style. Here are some  tips on displaying abstract or realistic art pieces:


1.     Placing art pieces and pictures at eye level is very important so the viewers would see and appreciate the artworks.

2.     Placing one large art piece on a wall to create interest and focal point. If you have an empty wall in your living room you'd like to fill, choose a big size painting or buy contemporary art that will fit the space. A poster-sized art print can dress up a square room, while panoramic contemporary art canvas prints will work better with long walls and oversized furniture. Hanging just one large size canvas or acrylic print on the wall allows it to stand out and gives your room a clean, uncluttered look.

3.     Creating an art gallery look in your home or office by hanging contemporary or vintage art pieces side by side. While your contemporary art gallery doesn't have to look like the ones you'd find in a museum, you'll still want it to look professional. Achieve this goal by displaying contemporary canvas art pieces at eye level, lining each piece up so that it is straight. Next, make sure that the distance between each piece is the same and that none of the canvases are higher  than the others. Mount your contemporary canvas art securely so that it doesn't tilt or sway; precision is important in achieving the look of a gallery.

4.     Hanging contemporary or vintage art pieces, original oil paintings or canvas prints with matching frames together. To create a unified look, display your wall art favorite paintings or prints in monochromatic frames. Black frames will give you a modern, neutral look, while brown frames can give you an earthier feel that complements traditional homes. It's not necessary to buy contemporary art with specific frames, however.  You may buy unframed, gallery wrapped canvas prints of landscapes, seascapes, floral art in either realistic or abstract style. Or, you can easily spray paint your framed art with a new color or simply replace it with another frame if it doesn't match. If you'd rather not hassle with identical frames, create a more eclectic look by choosing wall art pieces with frames in the same color family. Black, grey and white frames will complement each other and your beautiful art pieces will look great grouped together on a wall.

5.     Choosing the right theme of subject matter of your artworks display. Whether you will be displaying pictures of flowers or landscapes in your home or workplace, you'd want to present and buy art pieces that match  the tone of your home or business and can be shown in a professional way. Paintings or framed prints of beautiful flowers are great for any room. Abstract paintings and abstract prints on canvas, metal or acrylic are good too depending on your art style preferences. A fine art gallery that features pieces from famous artists, including Van Gogh or Picasso, will look wonderful in a formal workplace, while a pop art gallery with bright, eclectic paintings will probably work better in a more casual home or workplace. You might also choose to create an original art gallery that features original contemporary paintings or sketches or drawings done by a close friend or an up-and-coming local artist; you can even create your own animation and other computer-enhanced artwork and display it in a digital art gallery. Whatever your theme, make sure that all of the artwork displayed fits with the other pieces and matches the feel of your home or company so you can achieve a clean, polished interior.

6.     Figuring out where to put pictures. A colorful art display will look great above a fireplace or sofa or on a blank wall opposite your desk, especially if it features neutral paint, such as white, cream or taupe. For office you may consider creating a photo art gallery with black-and-white photos of your family, close friends or business associates and clients. If you don't have an empty wall you can turn into a contemporary art gallery, consider using the side of a bookshelf or even the back side of your office door to display a contemporary art gallery. While you won't be able to create a large contemporary or modern art pictures in a small space, you can still buy art pieces and display your favorite paintings or photographs in matching or complementary frames to get the crisp, professional look typical of a museum art display.

1.     Arranging your art gallery. Once you've chosen a space and a theme, it's time to put up your paintings and artworks. A beautiful  fine art gallery with the same size of paintings lined up in a row will look sophisticated and formal. However, you can make a pop art gallery more relaxed, especially if you buy frames in various colors and artworks in many different sizes. A photo art gallery may pop by combining close-up images with landscapes and seascapes mixing shots of people with photos of architecture. If your original art gallery contains pottery or sculptures, show them off on a side table and hang paintings and pictures on the wall above them.


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