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Gina De Gorna Fine Art Gallery, Oil PORTRAITS, SAVING THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS FOREVER, Portrait Art and Commissions

kristina's portrait for web.jpg

Oil on Canvas Portraits and Custom Paintings in Realistic, Abstract and Pop Art Style in Any Size!

 Portrait Commissions of: Children, Adults and/or Pets

Oil Portraits on Canvas

Head, 3/4 or Full Body Size Portraits of an individuals or a group of people, child, children with pets, etc. 

Inquiries of ANY Type of Art, Art Style Portraits and ANY Canvas Size of Oil Portrait Paintings Are WELCOME

For oil portrait painting commissions, please send an e-mail to:


Taking Care of an Oil Painting on Canvas:


Painting process of an oil painting:
Oil portraits on canvas take up to 4 weeks to paint depending on the complexity of the specific painting. Oil paints are made of color pigments and linseed oil and paintings are done in stages and layers which make the painting process longer.

Drying process of an oil painting: 
Any oil painting needs a few weeks to let dry to the touch before shipping so the painting is shipped and received with no damage.

Also, oil paintings take not only more time to paint but they need 6 months for the painting to dry in full. 

Framing of oil painting: 
Generally, oil portrait paintings may be framed with or without any glass. In case you choose to frame your portrait do not frame an oil painting under glass before the paint is completely dry.

Taking care of your oil painting: Oil paintings  on canvas are very durable and resistant to elements and require minimal care like occasional dusting and/or spot cleaning with a soft dump cloth.

For any questions regarding oil portraits and custom oil paintings, please send an e-mail to: