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Sunset - the Story by Gina De Gorna


Sunsets - The Story, by Gina De Gorna


Sunsets - The Story

To Galia

There were two friends - an Artist and a Poet. The Artist had a big family and a very happy life. The Artist lived on a beautiful tropical island, had many friends, laughed a lot, enjoyed life and the beautiful nature, and painted colorful pictures of flowers, birds, animals and trees. The Poet lived a lonesome life in a big cold city and deep sadness made him write gloomy poems. Sadness was OK for the Poet since he believed that all ‘good poetry’ was always a result of a miserable life.

Although living far away from each other, the Artist and the Poet kept in touch by sending messages and calling each other.

“How are you, my friend?”, asked the Poet one evening.

“I’m very well. Just resting and enjoying my kids playing on the beach. How are you?”

“I’m OK. I’m trying to write happier poems now. The cheerful paintings of an artist I saw here inspired me a lot. Art could be a great Muse for a poet... What are you painting?”

The Artist’s mind drifted far away watching the incredible sunset that night.

“I’m thinking of painting some sunsets...”

“Sunsets? But they’re so sad...They remind me of the end of life - of death...”

“Oh, no! They’re so beautiful! I always watch them and every evening the sunset is different.”

The Poet was very surprised. “ Tell me more”, he asked.

“I love to be here at the beach to watch the sunset - the greatest performance of Nature.  Like in a theater, but it’s free. The clouds are different every time and the colors change - purples and reds, oranges and yellows... Sometimes you can see an arrow across, sometimes ribbons or popcorn in the sky. Once I saw the wonderful feathered  pink fan of a fairy's...”

The Poet was listening to the astonishing descriptions of the sunsets the Artist had witnessed for a long time and finally he asked, “Then how come you’ve never painted sunsets before?”

The Artist thought for a moment and said, “I guess, the problem was that all those sunsets which I really wanted to paint were so amazing that if I did, nobody would have believed me.” 

There was a pause. “ So, paint them anyway... just for yourself,” said the Poet.

On the very next day, the Artist received a message from the Poet. It contained a long sad poem about the sunsets. 

A few days past and the Poet was eager to hear from his friend how good his poem was but he had not heard from the Artist.

A few weeks past. Worried for the Artist, the Poet called, “How are you doing my friend?”, he asked.

“Great”, answered the Artist, “Sorry I didn’t call. Just can’t stop painting those sunsets...”

In a few months, the Poet received a letter from the Artist. The letter said:

‘Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your advice. By painting the sunsets, I discovered and experienced great delights and pleasure.  I was so happy I caught myself singing. Here I wrote down some of my songs for you:

Before the Sunset

Just before the sunset

Floating clouds arrive

Just before the sunset

The stormy rain got dried.

Just before the sunset

All colors fill the sky

Just before the sunset

I feel Love nearby.


My Heart Is Full at Sunset

My heart is full at sunset.

The view, the ocean sounds, the smell

Help easily forget the boring life, the hell…


 My heart is full at sunset…

The blissful moments every time

Amuse my soul to rhyme.


Because my mind is full at sunset

I need no special words to sing:

My heart is full at sunset!


Above the Sunset

Just above the sunset

The angels meet and laugh.

Just above the sunset

They play and lay a scarf.

Just above the sunset

The angels bathe in gold

Just above the sunset

Magic is taking hold.



 Happy moments come at sunset.

Colors brighten the horizon.

Clouds are dancing, waves are singing,

Happy moments come at sunset.


Happy moments come at sunset.

Eyes make out some pictures.

Hands are drawing, paint is flowing,

Happy moments come at sunset.


Beyond the Sunset

Just beyond the sunset

Someone waits for you

Just beyond the sunset

All dreams do come true.

Just beyond the sunset

Lies a home for you,

Just beyond the sunset

Go, sing, and love and do!


The Artist’

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